Full time woodworker, part time Photographer on the side.  Creating cutting boards, related wooden utensils and wood ink pens.  Featuring prints of my photography and handmade products that are created from local American Hardwoods; mainly from Walnut, Cherry, and Ambrosia Maple.

I currently sell my cutting boards and related products through Etsy.com and you can find my shop there at www.foodiebords.etsy.com or you can purchase here since Robertelliswoodworking.com is powered by Etsy.com and all credit card transactions are processed safe and securely by them.  To date I've sold over 4,600 products on Etsy since 2013 and have over 1000+ five star reviews.

My story...

My woodworking career began in the mid 90's after leaving the U.S. Air Force. I've always appreciated the Shaker style furniture, it's utilitarian usefulness, yet simplistic design. I began building a few pieces for the home, based on that look. Eventually, I created a small line of that style and sold them to various dealers throughout Kentucky. After building hundreds of pieces over a roughly seven year period, I was looking for something new to try. Over the years I had been putting aside small "interesting" pieces of wood that wasn't large enough for use in furniture building. I had seen an article in a magazine for a beautiful cutting board, so I gave it a try. I suppose that's where I got my start in making cutting boards. Just guessing I've probably made thousands over the years-and I still enjoy making them.

I have been blessed to have been raised in Kentucky, a place that is rich and abundant in beautiful hardwoods. Kentucky has species of trees that are perfect for cutting boards, and I might add, trees that yield beautiful colors and contrasts in the wood itself.

What I like most about making these boards is the challenge of getting just the right balance and placement of colors, attempting to create a perfectly "harmonious" piece of work. I must add, if you see any beauty, any talent in my work, I acknowledge it's from the Lord, and it has been given, borrowed if you will, from Him!

My greatest joy is shipping these to homes all over America and receiving such wonderful feedback-it really doesn't get much better than that!

The Photographer...this was something I had to learn to do since I started selling online way back in 2013. A pair of Mourning Doves in front of my shop, a number of years ago, helped me to transition from product photography to doing it for a hobby...these Doves lingered in front of my shop for 2 or 3 days and the fun of photographing them is how I developed the desire to pursue photography with more zeal, this and a few positive comments about my photos helped to get the ball rolling. I also sold prints and received gushing comments that made me blush when I started offering them at art festivals. I find great joy in traipsing the backroads of Kentucky looking for interesting opportunities. The center of my work will always bend towards, old barns, old houses, antique tractors, farm animals, and generally any photo worthy landscapes of Kentucky. My goal and desire is to showcase the great state of Kentucky to the world.

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